Facials, nails, pilates, fitness training – I use all Circadian Beauty and Fitness Services. Janine is a real star, she is kind, caring and makes everybody feel special. I highly recommend her services and would never go anywhere else!

Jill Barnes

Her gymnastic skills on the silks and the pole
at pilates and yoga feeding the soul
a perfectionist really in so many ways
emphasising control which is how it all pays
in the long run ,control , and Contrology was
what Joseph Pilates called it because
it was about the
concentration of mind
and balance and breathing
and getting aligned
spinal and pelvic
and muscle strength too
and Janine has such patience
for helping you through

all sorts of exercises
which will provide
core strength and muscle strength
within your stride
you want to work hard
its condusive and real
your weekly workout will help
you to feel

tuned up and ready
and happy to be
giving your all
to each task

Joseph Pilates
the founder
he knew
that developing core strength
was so good for you

it was your mind and body
and a good student does need
an excellent teacher
if they are to succeed
wanting to train
needs a great attitude
and a really fit teacher
who just does exude

confidence creating
concerted ways
of affirming enlightenment
mixed in with praise
she is so caring
she wants you to be
perfectly balanced
and poised centrally

it makes such a difference
and enlivens you so
and with all her sagacity
improves your flow

always a smile
at all levels she’s there
an ache or a twinge
she is aware
she’s one of those teachers
you will want to try
and repay her efforts
for she just does fly

in the face of all obstacles
and with that verve
she has the power
and creates the nerve

she has so much experience
and loves it too
that makes the difference
whatever you do

if someone is happy
and enthuses your soul
and gives you the wisdom
you are in control

this is why she is so special
and you
the student should realise
that now you do
follow the masters pilates
but get
a teacher who cares
and who shares
and will let

you really shine
there is so much to learn
and you will learn a lot
I am a 70 year old
and much stronger have got

supple my core strength
is stronger each week
and gradually yes
you’ll improve your physique

Janine Carter-Savigear is special
creative and she
in my opinion is the best
she can be

Rex Tyler